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Q: Where do you plug it in?

This star projector can be adapted to any power device with USB port.

Q: How to play music?

You can connect via Bluetooth and play it on your phone, or you can plug in a USB flash drive.

Q: Will it rotate?

Yes. Clouds and stars move on the ceiling and walls - the equipment stays still.

Q: What patterns can it project?

10 Color Combinations and 21 Fantastic Lighting Modes- The Music Star projector with 4 colored lights(Blue/White/Green/Red) make up 10 multicolor combinations, while the starlight can keep on or sparkling all the time. With ocean wave, light and stars work together can reach up to 21 projecting modes, feel like swimming into of the sea, or strolling through the stars, such dreamy and wonderful.

Q: Can you turn off the stars and only nebula?

Yes, you can.

Q: Can you pause this light on one color? For instance, will it stay on purple without changing?

Yes, it does.